Case Study 1

Promotion of a Beer Brand
Media Challenge

To achieve high sales with top of the mind recall for the brand.

Creative Plan

A well made crisp television commercial with effective communication for 40 seconds, 25 seconds, 15 seconds and 5 seconds.

Media Plan

A combination of Non-India Cricket matches, Movies – Hindi & English, News channels – Hindi, English & other languages with high frequency of spots.

Scheduling Strategy

With four different durations of commercial time, we decided to mix & match different durations of the TVCM. Also, while scheduling the ads it was arranged into specific time slots that were planned in such a manner that invariably the TG would be exposed to the TVCM.


The TVCM recorded the highest Gross Rating Points (GRPs) in the same year. It was awarded the ‘Most Visible Brand’ award with the company achieving record-breaking sales that year. The Business India published the brand’s marketing journey and the company created a brand case study based on the same.